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Why Pittsburgh? Why now?

 “H. J. Heinz has proven that capital and people can work together.”

Andrew Carnegie


“If its not for all, its not for us.”

Mayor Bill Peduto

Since its inception, Pittsburgh has always been on the frontier of innovation and advancement.  From the pre-Revolutionary days through the forming of this country and its various industrial revolutions, the people, companies, and institutions of this region have helped forge the technologies that define our city, our country, and the world.


This was accomplished by the hard work and passion of successive waves of immigrants coming to this region with their dreams, work ethic, and unquenchable desire to make things that matter, and to make things better, too.


Once again, Pittsburgh finds itself in a position to help shape the future of the country and world.  Rising from its post-industrial haze, the ancestors of those original men and women that made this region so resilient have put their collective shoulders into the task in front of them.  They are now joined by ranks of new neighbors and friends who have once again begun to flock to this region – fortified by the opportunity to help make things that matter.

people. planet. place. performance.


A few years ago, the City of Pittsburgh and The Heinz Endowments collaborated on a major effort to forge a new model of urban growth and development that is innovative, inclusive, and sustainable.


This transformative new approach is based around a central, unifying framework — p4: People, Planet, Place, and Performance — It was launched at its first international summit in 2015 at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh.  In many ways, p4 is about mutuality - the Economics of Mutuality is poised to help quantify, measure, and contribute to its success. 

Once again, leaders from the region and around the world will meet to advance this transformative idea even further, with a first of its kind catalytic gathering on New Mutuality – the Economics of Mutuality, the Future of Work, and Intrapreneurship. 

The Energy Innovation Center will proudly host the first New Mutuality gathering to help unveil Mar Inc.’s innovative approach to transforming markets, businesses, organizations, regions, cities, and even neighborhoods to be more profitable, more inclusive, more resilient, and more mutual.